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Post  MirandaDodd on Mon May 09, 2011 11:58 pm

I believe Mary Ann Bell is a traitor. She came to Vietnam to be with Fossie, But in the end, she seems to bee more in love with the land than Fossie. She let him down, and changed. He brought her to Vietnam for a sense of comfort and normalcy. Being from America, she was supposed to bring that with her. Instead, she became one of the Vietnamese herself. From there traditions to their culture, she embraced it and gladly let it become a part of her. Now, i do not necessarily think this is a bad thing, but in Fossie's case it is. It is good to adapt and learn from another culture but Fossie needed the opposite from her. He needed her innocence and compassion. He was at war and did not get to see these things anymore. So when Mary lost these attributes herself, Fossie lost what he truly needed. Maybe traitor is a harsh word, but considering the circumstance, its fitting.


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