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Post  colerockwell on Thu May 05, 2011 12:06 am

Throughout TTTC, O'Brien uses two devices in particular, specific details and the repitition of dialogue to convey a more believable story. Instead of simply writing that Henry Dobbins was the squad's machine gunner, O'Brien tells us that Dobbins is a "large man" and therefore is more apt to heft the "M-60's" over 23 pound load. By naming specific items that each soldier carries uniqie to them, you get a feel for what that soldier is like. O'Brien even mentions this directly stating outright the gear varied according to individual "habits or rate of metabolism". Dobbins, being a big man Liked to eat and carried extra rations. Kiowa was somewhat religious and carried an illustrated New Testament bible.
In addition is the repitition of impactful dialogue. When Ted Lavender is shot in the head outside Than Khe, Kiowa is repeatedly quoted saying "He just dropped", "Like concrete he just dropped". You can't help but picture a soldier walking ignorantly and suddenly a shot rings out and the soldier just drops like a stone.


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Post  CorinneBarnes on Thu May 05, 2011 12:24 am

I agree that those two devices add credibility. To elaborate on the repetition, I also believe that it helps portray the character's emotions. For instance, when Kiowa repeats "He just dropped" after Ted Lavender's death, it shows his shock. It also suggests that Kiowa does not want to believe that Lavender is truly dead and that he has to repeat these words in order to convince himself that Lavender was killed.


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