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Post  RyanHarring on Thu May 05, 2011 1:27 am

As Joe pointed out earlier, Jimmy Cross's name is highly significant because his initials are the same as Jesus Christ, J.C., at the same time however, there is another part of his name that relates to the story of christ. While more obvious on the surface than his initials, the use of "cross" as his last name is in reference to the cross that Christ carried as punishment, in my opinion, has a deeper meaning. Beyond the fact that the symbolism of a cross is ironic when compared to the title "The Things They Carried," Jimmy Cross himself acts like a christ like figure throughout the whole story, taking on the burdens of the others at his own expense, along with his own feelings of guilt. I feel that as Lt. Cross was trekking across Vietnam, he was in essence carrying his own cross made out of his self loathing for loving someone who won't every reciprocate his feelings, his guilt over Lavender's death, and the agony of being put in a position of leadership before he was ready. The use of cross as his last name was meant to not only symbolize Jesus Christ, but also to act as a symbol for the emotional baggage that Lt. Cross carried.


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Post  Amanda Brandi on Thu May 05, 2011 1:49 am

Wow, I never really thought of Jimmy Cross' name like that. To be honest, I did not take the time out to analyze the relevance of his name but I can see what you are talking about. Jimmy Cross did serve as a Chirst-like figure within the book for he had to "lead his people" away from destruction. He had to set an example of perserverance and determination to his men just as Jesus Christ did for his people.

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