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Post  autuboobaby on Mon May 09, 2011 11:26 pm

Norman Bowker is a soldier who O'Brien says attempted to save Kiowa the night he died. When Kiowa slips into the "shitfield", Bowker repeatedly tries to save him but is unable to, and as a result he feels hugely guilty for Kiowa's death after the war. His memories continue to haunt Norman at home as he realizes that the world has moved on past the war and wants nothing to do with the ugly stories of tragic battles in Vietnam. He is continually haunted by the fact that he could not save Kiowa from sinking under the "shitfield" on a rainy night. However, O'Brien admits eventually that it was not Norman who failed to save Kiowa, but himself. After the war he briefly assists O'Brien in writing a story about Vietnam, but he hangs himself with a jump rope in an Iowa YMCA. With a result of this, Norman Bowker is not happy when he returns home for the Vietnam War.


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